Company Profile

Amy Hanks PR is an Atlanta based public relations company, which specializes as a “full service” PR firm throughout numerous entertainment agencies across the nation. We pride ourselves for having the ability to brilliantly combine marketing and public relations to create a cohesive industry approach for film, music, and entertainment.

Amy Hanks PR uses an approach that is diverse from traditional PR agencies and sole practitioners in order to reach our clients targeted audience. The unique techniques are designed to give our clients a competitive edge. Whatever your specific need may be, Amy Hanks PR provides personalized service to each individual client. With our business model you get the best of all worlds including veteran PR talent, flexibility, and results.

Being a virtual public relations firm, we have built our staff using the talents of senior PR specialists who work in collaboration with lead consultants across the nation. We cater to our clients who value personalized attention from qualified, senior practitioners. Our experience allows us to contract additional support depending on the scope and location of our clients PR and marketing needs.

Our ultimate goal is to give our clients the maximum exposure that they desire by using conventional and non-conventional publicity strategies and techniques. When choosing a PR firm clients have one main focus in mind: The need to make a lasting impression amongst their target audience that influences them to acquire the correct perception of their talents.

Amy Hanks PR is built with a foundation of excellence, professionalism, and integrity. Our company not only works on the basis of our client’s reputation, but also the reputation of our name. We pride ourselves in not just getting a client’s name seen and heard, but also labeling positive thoughts and images with that name. Amy Hanks PR contains all the tools necessary in order to complete all steps necessary for a successful publicity campaign. Our methods we use compliment the most important tool, our client.